Friday 24 April 2020


My father was in the Navy when I was born and based at HMAS Albatross, Nowra, N.S.W., Australia.
As I grew up I became familiar with Bomaderry (Nowra) Railway Station and it was here that my love of trains commenced. Today I can close my eyes and still hear the noises of the Steam Locomotives and the smell of the smoke being readied in the morning prior to working the morning Mail train to Sydney. My journey had begun.
In my teens I had moved to Sydney and was fortunate enough to obtain Cab rides (in those days it was much easier than today) on Sydney's Red Rattlers. One particular ride the Driver got me to hold the throttle while he lit a cigarette, wow, I thought I was actually driving the train. I was bitten, trains and model trains had got into my system.

Come time to decide on my career from school and although my greatest wish was to be a Train Driver my Mum said "get a career, son", so I became a Civil Design Draftsman.
However, in the 80's with a small recession, I had no work so I finally got my dream job of becoming a Train Driver.
I started at Delec, Enfield, N.S.W., Aust. on freight trains followed by a transfer to Sydney Suburban trains working out of Central, Sydney.
During this time I made my first purchase of a number of DC Locomotives from Casula Hobbies (this was way back in the mid 80's).
That was the end of my hobby, for the time being, as I had no place to build a layout.

 I had to wait until I had moved to Brisbane, Qld., Aust. before I finally got to build a layout. This took place at my current location and commenced in June 2011. A big thank you to my wife Vesna for allowing me to build a purpose built shed for my layout.

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