Saturday 25 April 2020


In June 2011, I decided to build a Shed for my model railway layout. It was decided to purchase a metal framed and metal clad shed from Titan Garages.

The size of the shed is 6.0m x 5.5m x 2.4m. The Shed was traditional metal framed (similar to timber framing) so that I could insulate and line with gyprock. This increased the cost but in the end made for a better shed to be able to place the insulation, run electrical wiring and install the gyprock.
The concrete slab was an interesting exercise in that during the curing process the rear right corner took nearly  12 hours to go off and start to dry. We were out there keeping an eye on it well into the night.
                                                  Concrete Slab. 01-06-2011

The Shed took only a few days to be installed. Time for me to do my bit. Install insulation, gyprock and finally carpet.

                                                          Framing. 25-06-2011
                                                      Internal View. 13-08-2011

The completed shed.

                                                                        The Shed.

 Now time to start the design of the layout and commence construction.

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